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Every business must grow and prepare to achieve their major goals.

International expansion, acquisition, merger, exit strategy – what’s yours?

The business world is constantly evolving and the rules of engagement are forever changing. 

Generating new business is the name of the game and increasing profit as you go is the dream ticket.

Additionally, a major challenge surrounds remote/hybrid working and many businesses are still coming to terms or they risk losing key staff and worse still being unable to attract others.

Help is at hand to prepare your business for your journey into the future and adapt to the new norm. 

Planning to expand internationally into Europe via Ireland or from Ireland into the hugely untapped potential of South Africa and other African countries or want to know more about the opportunity?

Ireland is the gateway to Europe and as the primary English-speaking country in the EU – post Brexit – all roads lead through Ireland for European trade.

Similarly, South Africa offers Irish and European companies a wealth of opportunities in BPO and outsourcing, IT/Telecoms, import/export, mining and renewables and much more.

Zero language barriers married with same time zones and technology solutions to enable and empower international trade relations between Ireland and South Africa make forging new business relationships easier than ever. 

Advice and assistance are available – you just need to reach out!

Business IN South Africa | Helping Irish Companies expand into South Africa

Consider the Following:

  • Do you need access to a network of business owners and organisations who can open the doors you need opened?
  • Are you trying to set up new companies in Ireland / South Africa?
  • What does your business need to adapt to remote/hybrid working?
  • Do you understand the latest tools and software for managing a remote workforce?
  • Can your business handle rapid growth?
  • Do you have the right systems and processes to enable and empower?
  • How much are you spending on marketing campaigns to generate sales leads?
  • How much revenue is converted from those leads?
  • Do you want a higher rate of conversion?

“Over the years I have seen pretty much every type of challenge and heard all the excuses too. 25 years of sales and marketing in a range of industries including; software, outsourcing, telecoms, business coaching, training & more gives me plenty of insight.

Change is never easy but it's not impossible to learn new skills and habits. The right strategy is vital but the correct application of training and methodology is equally key”.

Anthony Tattan | What I Do

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